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Meet Jen
Hi, my name is Jen Owens and I am running for Public Office. 

The last several years have been tough. I value LGBTQH rights, human rights, children rights, while providing diverse perspectives, and look at illegal issues on local/state/federal levels.

The last 4 years have been tough, we need implementation at every level of society fighting to make the change we all want to see. Everyone participates in this society and can do their part to address the issues that are showing up. That why I am running for Public Office! Because I am willing to do the work, including mobilizing every member of American society to do the same.    
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Representing constituents, diverse perspectives, for better engagement with others and the world.

about jen
& Vision
I am a U.S. citizen that values everyone. LGBTQH rights, human rights, children rights, and religious freedom are important; and when rights are violated, we have to heal the upset.

Better to not violate or cause unjust disruption, but do better and be better to ourselves and others. The state, country, and world doesn’t need more pain, uprooting, capitalism, vaccines, abuse, and suffering. But love, rest, healing, and right understanding.

My campaign respects LGBTQH, small business, healthcare, public safety and the environment. 

Let's create a better future for Minnesotans & inspire the rest of the country & world.

Join my campaign today.
A Better Tomorrow
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Are you intelligent? Have experience? Need to see change?

Positions we are looking to fill:
Executive Assistant 
Campaign Secretary
Campaign Treasurer
Campaign Manager
Social Media Manager

If you're interested in applying to any of these positions, please contact us!
Why your voice and lived experiences,
in all levels of United State government, matter. 

Roles & Organizational Work:
  • Advisor MN legislature 
  • Advisor US Congress
  • Board Member of Student & Recent Alumni University of MN
  • General Member NAACP (local/national)
  • Public Speaker
  • Leadership & Management Analysis

Organizing, Public Education & Legislative Policy Wins:
  • Supported Equal rights for same-sex marriages
  • Advised Against Human Rights Abuses
  • HR 4445: Ending Forced Arbitration of Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Act of 2021
values and vision
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Join us

If you would like to build a better world, sign up to join our campaign below and we will reach out to you! 

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